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Missing teeth?

We’ve got them! At Northwick Park Dental we offer patients tooth replacement alternatives



Gaps caused by absent teeth can affect many things including dental bite, nutrition, appearance and confidence.

Dentures and other tooth replacement alternatives help restore natural dental function and aesthetic. Dentures provide a replacement for missing teeth on all parts of the mouth – upper and lower, or both, dental arches, and ultimately help support provide dental structure that supports the gums and facial muscles for proper expression.

Dentures (acrylic, flexible and implant-supported) can replace full sets of teeth for natural dental function and aesthetic. Partial or full sets of dentures provide dental structure that supports the gums and enables patients to effectively eat and communicate once again whilst also improving smile aesthetics.

The denture plate is custom-made to fit the gum tissue and is usually made from acrylic or metal materials. The attached false teeth are comprised of acrylic resin which is strong and durable and designed to mimic natural teeth. Partial dentures can be plate-based and both full and partial dentures may be fixed to dental implants for enhanced support.

Potential issues if not resolved…

a) Additional strain on neighbouring teeth potentially lead to trauma of the teeth and gums.
b) Gum disease, tooth decay or bone shrinkage may be the future outcomes
c) Facial volume may decline and this can lead to a drawn, sunken look and make the person look older.

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