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Repair a cavity?

We have different types of fillings to suit your needs



When cavities develop in teeth, over time tiny foods can deposit and slowly decay. This leads tooth decay – the start of potential oral issues.

Fillings are used to ‘fill’ the cavity, strengthen the structure of the tooth and prevent tooth decay. At Northwick Park Dental we use various types of fillings – traditional metal fillings or white/tooth coloured fillings.

Traditional fillings

Traditional metal fillings amalgam fillings are not the most attractive, however these classic silver grey fillings are able to preserve more of the natural tooth structure. Preserving natural tooth is always of key importance to the dentist and this is why many practices continue to use amalgam fillings.

White/coloured fillings

White and tooth coloured fillings are made of composite resin and virtually invisible to the untrained eye. The resin is prepared and then the dentist places it in layers. When the resin is set in place, the dentist will shape the composite to fit the tooth using xxxxxxxxxxxxx. Then it can be polished to give a shiny, smooth finish and to prevent staining and early wear.

Dental fillings after-care

Post filling be gentle on the tooth for a few days. Most of the time when decay is removed this can be traumatic to the tooth, and so eating soft foods for a day or two and avoiding extremely hot or cold food will always be kinder to your tooth.

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