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Prevention is...

…better than cure! Our dentists recommend regular examinations to prevent future dental problems.



Leaving problems untreated can make them more difficult to manage in the future.

A regular dental assessment allows our dentists to assess the condition of your gums, teeth and overall oral health. Leaving problems untreated can make them more difficult to manage in the future – so it’s always best to deal with dental problems early and, if possible, prevent dental problems from happening.

At Northwick Park Dental…

  • Our support team will welcome you on arrival at our practice, and help you through any form filling and admin that is required.
  • Your dentist will review and understand your dental needs, hygiene and desired outcomes.
  • Following a dental examination, our dentists will discuss treatments and tailor a plan to best suit your dental hygiene and desired outcomes. Any associated costs and timescales will be discussed (including any financial options available).
  • Once happy with the proposed treatment, our support team will arrange the appointments with you. A written copy of your treatment plan and the associated dental fees will be given to you.

Benefits of regular check-ups with Northwick Park Dental.

1. Manage plaque, tartar, and conventional cavities – regular dental cleanings are designed to clean plaque and tartar, and prevent cavities from developing. Therefore avoiding any related future issues.

2. Finding hidden problems through x-rays – early diagnosis is key to identifying issues, and providing early treatment. It may not be necessary to take X-Rays at every visit, but these types of checkups are very valuable to see what is happening inside the teeth and gumline.

3. Checking for gingivitis and gum disease – taking steps to prevent both gingivitis and gum disease is vital in avoiding surgery in the future.

4. Cosmetic related issues with oral care – with oral health care, cosmetic related issues sometimes affect self-esteem.

5. Preventing Root Canals – with regular dental checkups, general tooth health can be monitored properly, and any suspicion of root canal problems can be diagnosed very early on. Ultimately avoiding the treatment.

6. Smokers and oral health – smokers are encouraged to attend dental checkups regularly in order to monitor oral health, while keeping an eye on potential problems that may arise from smoking. Those who smoke, in general, have stained teeth, and have more of a potential to develop dental problems.

7. Brushing and Flossing – brushing and flossing can always be improved, even for those who regularly conduct such practices. Fighting plaque on a daily basis is worthwhile – ideal for preventing tooth decay, and avoiding the potential for gum disease.

Why choose Northwick Park Dental?

  • Unbeatable offers
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  • Affordable finance
  • Flexible appointment
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  • Latest techniques

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